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Hah 2 months later…

Hah 2 months later…

— 1 week ago
exquisite-rapture asked: Your body >> omg 😍


☺️ thanks. It’s a work in progress.

— 1 month ago
Don’t wish for a good body, work for it.

Don’t wish for a good body, work for it.

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"Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope."
~ Maya Angelou (via lonequixote)

(via lonequixote)

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I’m in love with the thought of you.

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"You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out. Let go and let life happen."
— 3 months ago
"It might take a year, it might take a day, but what’s meant to be will always find its way."
— 3 months ago
Dear Future Husband,

I don’t want us to be those parents who never act romantic in front of their children. I want our kids to learn how to really love somebody because we lead by example. So kiss me in the kitchen while I’m pouring cereal, cuddle with me on the couch during family movie night, and hold my hand while we grocery shop.

Let’s show them what true love looks like, so when they find it for themselves they’ll never let it go.

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